Unique value Proposition

  • Big institutional backing, parent is a 10 bil USD services group based in Tokyo.
  • Largest Asian coverage, market leading presence in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Malaysia and other important cities in rest of Asia. The Indian locations of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad add to the towering Asia presence.
  • Conceptual abilities of an industry insider backed by a sharp acumen for evaluation of candidates.
  • RGF firmly believes that key account management needs both apex top level hirings as well as other management hirings.
  • RGF’s approach to search is to look for less visible but over-performing candidates.
  • Biggest number of success per year in the CEO hiring category. Success measured in completion of assignments. 150 ‘C’ level assignments completed every year.
  • Family doctor approach with an objective of long-term service.