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RGF Executive Search is a high-end retained executive search firm with a singular focus on appointments for the positions of : Board Directors, Managing Directors and other ‘C’ suite leadership positions. The firm has a deep-rooted practice partnering with Indian origin groups during their own meteoric rise to become global power-houses and Indian subsidiaries of multinational corporations, invariably from the start-up phase and continuing through the rapid growth phases in their Indian offshore and market facing operations. With as many as 150 CEO and CXO positions completed each year, by a highly competent senior team of partners and consultants, in excess of 50 strong, the firm is the preferred partner for high impact, confidential hires.

The consulting teams are specialized and are fully equipped to work with the intricacies of the industry groups that they are operating in. Backed by industry know-how and active networking in the industry, RGF Executive Search provides exacting solutions to discerning clients. The key differentiator in favor of RGF is: the innate decision-making support the firm provides to clients in the evaluation of candidates and the identification of the winning candidate. The true measure of the firm as a successful search consultancy is the acclaim for the candidates they help appoint. The ‘stick’ ratio which is the number of candidates appointed by the RGF teams, who are working with the same companies after a period of 5 years, is in excess of 80% proving that the ultimate goal is not merely fulfilling the appointments but making a success out of it.

The search services is offered through 9 specializations : Board & Corporate Governance; Manufacturing & Engineering (includes automotive); Pharma & Healthcare; Financial Services; Technology; Infrastructure & Real Estate; Natural Resources & Energy; Consumer Products & Services; Professional Services. RGF Executive Search provides executive search services through their offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad.

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RGF Management Search is focused on accomplishing mid-level to senior management appointments through a comprehensive research and evaluation process. The search assignments are led by experienced partners and consultants who themselves have held business leadership and senior HR functions in the industry. The typical positions which the firm works on are senior management positions for small and mid-tier corporations; functional leadership & SBU head positions for large corporations and critical positions from across a couple of layers below the C suite. RGF Management Search offers specific solutions in succession planning areas. The firm draws upon its expertise in picking the potential leaders, as part of the succession plan, for the CEO and other leadership roles. The objective is to identify talent within the corporate organizations and compare them with talent available outside before picking the most appropriate choice.

The typical operating model is: RGF Management Search deploys multiple teams to cater to the client’s needs during the project phase and rapid growth phases in which management teams have to be built in expeditious time-frame. RGF Management Search works seamlessly with clients to build a vibrant organization, often concurrently handling multiple positions. The firm works with clients over a long period of time leveraging on the deep knowledge of client’s culture and business dynamics. The key differentiator in favor of RGF Management Search is: their specialization which helps them to understand nuances of the positions they work on. The firm believes that once the functional know-how behind every position is ascertained, the subsequent candidate identification process is considerably eased.

RGF Management Search offers services in the following 8 specializations: Industrial Products; Healthcare; Banking & Insurance, Information Technology; Infrastructure & Real Estate; Natural Resources & Energy; Consumer Products & Services; Professional Services. The firm provides search services through their offices located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad & Kolkata.

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RGF Select is a highly specialist, volume based, selection business, focused on specific functional domains in different industries. We blend technology with deep industry knowledge and our key drivers are speed, quality and kaizen.

RGF Select has teams of highly experienced and dedicated consultants, who have deep understanding of recruitment processes and the job sectors in which they operate. Our functional hiring strengths include: Sales & Marketing; Technology; Finance, Accounting and Analytics; Procurement and Supply Chain; HR and General Administration and Business Operations.

RGF Select applies key performance measures at every stage of the recruitment cycle and leverage a regional technology platform to aid the speed and efficiency of candidate searches and the overall management of the process.

RGF Select has grown from its base in Bangalore and is now working on multiple selection projects in Delhi and Mumbai, as we build a pan-India presence in all key markets.

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Japan Desk

RGF Japan Desk’s objective is to provide a strong pipeline between individuals at all levels and Japanese companies in India to maximize value and potential. We offer high quality and innovative human resource solutions across the Asia region. They leverage:

  • Recruit Japan's established candidate database
  • Recruit Japan's solid client network
  • RGF's growing regional network
  • Bilingual/Japanese consultants

RGF Japan Desk continues to inspire individuals and energize organizations by serving our clients with a committed and sincere attitude.

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