Origin of RGF India

RGF India was born out of a vision laid out by the Japanese Group, Recruit Holdings Co Ltd to move beyond the existing Asian markets to discover India specifically. RGF is the search brand of Recruit which, along with CDS, a local brand in Tokyo and Bo Le the market leading search firm in China. which was acquired by RGF, has the widest coverage in Asia. India was the next frontier of growth in the pursuit of international diversification for RGF. RGF India was born in the year 2011 as a small office in Mumbai and offices in Bangalore and Delhi were seeded simultaneously.

RGF India acquired Stanton Chase Indian operations and Nugrid Consulting in a landmark deal in the HR industry in the year 2013. RGF India acquired successful practice of these two firms after a careful analysis of synergies these two firms bring in to RGF’s growth path. The entire teams of Stanton Chase and Nugrid now have come under one umbrella of RGF and along with the existing RGF team the combined team size has grown to about 100+ Consultants.

RGF India today is a powerful one stop shop for providing executive hiring solutions

Regional Strength to Support Your Global Hiring

RGF services global clients in twofold manner: The multinational corporations who want to set forth their business interests in any part of Asia or expand the existing business in Asia invariably needs leadership and management hiring support, that’s where RGF fits in handily with the network of of 26 cities across 11 countries and markets. (As of March 2016). in Asia.

The other core offering is for Asian companies going international within Asia and beyond. RGF companies can work for leadership appointments in the international territories while seamlessly offering the local client management support at the headquarters.