Introducing RGF India

RGF India is an Executive Search & Selection firm, wholly owned by the USD 14 billion net annual sales Japanese company, Recruit Holdings Company Ltd (Recruit). Recruit is the undisputed market leader in Asia in the businesses of executive search & selection. The firm operates the executive search & selection businesses under the RGF brand name in Japan and internationally.

In India, RGF has become the market leading search & selection firm, aided by the growth of their own offices and strategic buy-outs of two reputed search firms with established track-records – the franchisee operations of Stanton Chase in India and an independent firm, Nugrid Consulting. As part of the acquisition, the entire management and consulting teams of these two firms have become an integral part of RGF adding to the towering brand presence of RGF in Asia. With the addition of 7 Indian cities, RGF today has a widespread presence in Asia with a total of 26 cities, +1300 employees across 11 countries and markets. (As of March 2016).

RGF India’s executive search & selection offerings are delivered through 3 distinctive offerings: